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Romancing Reeves

by Gregory Ellwood

While mum on exactly why he turned down the prospect of reuniting with Sandra Bullock on "Speed 2: Cruise Control" after the blockbuster success of "Speed" (oh, let us count the reasons why), Keanu Reeves is more than happy enough to explain how they came together on their new romance, "The Lake House."

"It was an atypical romance," Reeves says. "I liked the dialogue. It was very sweet. I liked these characters trying to figure out their own lives in a way I hadn't really seen."

Reeves is referring to the movie's premise that finds the two lovers living lives two years apart -- an architect restoring a beautiful home on the lake in 2004 and a lonely doctor staying at the same home in 2006. Their love is cemented over a magical mailbox (go with it) that allows them to correspond as anyone today would. With so many scenes apart, how do they convey that romance on screen?

"Well, it helped that we had worked together before, and I guess we filmed about two weeks together," Reeves says. "I think it also helped that we've kept in contact over the years and we like each other, so it was kind of instant rapport."

Not a fan of computers (he claims not to own one), Reeves writes many letters on a typewriter, as antiquated as it may seem.

"I like to write quasi-poetically, unless it's for the lawyer or co-ops," Reeves says. "I enjoy the sensation of writing, the imprint of the paper. The idea that it's not prone to sunspot flares and has its own independence. It's the evidence of the effort."

Whatever. How about a more pressing concern: Will there be a sequel to last year's action-adventure "Constantine"?

"It's kind of in the air," Reeves says. "I'd love to, but I don't know if the producers would want to do it."

Translation: "Um, it performed a tad under expectations at the box office and I haven't heard anything because the studio isn't interested."

See how easy being blunt can be, Keanu?

"The Lake House" opens nationwide June 16.

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