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Bullock & Reeves Have Lake House Reunion

It's been 12 years since Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves were on the big screen together. The pair was first teamed up for Speed which made Bullock a household name and Reeves an even bigger super star.

The duo is now back together for Warner Bros.' romantic drama The Lake House, based on Il Mare, which is rather different from the action-packed thriller they starred in before.

Bullock plays Dr. Kate Forster, who leaves her beautiful countryside glass lake house for the big city of Chicago to work in a larger hospital. While the spacious and cleverly designed haven is the one place she feels her true self, she also feels a time for change and reluctantly relocates.

But, as the sassy actress pointed out in the interview, it wasn't actually that well-designed for the cast or crew.

"There's no toilet in that house… A little inconvenient when you're shooting… Structurally it was a sound house. It was aesthetically, structurally perfect except there was no... there was plumbing for the kitchen but there was just no toilet. You could have carved out a little toilet. Like something really cool, but that wasn't apparently high on their priority list," she laughed.

"There were no scenes taking place in the toilet," Reeves said.

"But see, had there been a toilet, I would have worked something out where I would have had to use it. Not the toilet but like the area. Can we just move on?" Bullock asked.

Even after more than a decade has passed, the two still have what it takes to light up the screen so it was perfect they were paired together for the press day.

"Well, it helped that we had worked together before and I guess we filmed about two weeks together. I think it helped that we've kept in contact over the years and we like each other, so it was kind of instant rapport," Reeves told

"It's like Nescafe. You just add a little hot water and there you have us. It was easy in the good parts and a little nervousness was there. We've grown up in some areas and not in some other areas. It's never what you think it's going to be. It was better than what I thought. I imagined but I didn't expect and it was a lot different and more fulfilling in a lot of ways than I'd ever expected," Bullock added.

As Dr. Forster leaves the lake house for the last time, she puts a note in the mailbox asking the new tenant to forward her mail. In the letter she apologizes for the paw prints on the walkway from her dog and the box in the attic which was left there by a previous owner.

However when Alex Wyler (Reeves) arrives, the house looks abandoned and there aren't paw prints. Confused by the note he responds and through several letters they realize they are living two years apart.

Writing letters is actually something the two still do with each other from time to time.

"He refuses to use a computer or have e-mail," said Bullock.

"No, my friends have computers so I can kind of adjunct on. 'Can you do this for me?'" Reeves explains.

While Dr. Forster and Wyler can't really meet in person since he's in 2004 and she's two years ahead of him, they still fall in love and are determined to unravel the mystery of what's happening. Both are willing to wait for each other and Bullock explained how more people should take their time and wait for the right person.

"For women, they want you... why aren't you married at 22? Why aren't you married at 25? When are you going to have kids? Why aren't you married? And you're going, 'Uh, everything's fine right now.' I think it's a beautiful idea. I think it's awfully difficult for people to do given the pressures unless you've been raised in a really nice bubbled environment that's about something other than the end result of, you know. But I think it's healthier for a human being to be happy with themselves and live with themselves and be satisfied with their life and not need an extra something to complete it. I think that's a little more important than waiting, and then when something comes along that complements who you are, that's the beauty of it. But I don't think society supports waiting at all and I think that's sad."

The very candid and open star has had no apprehensions waiting in her own life and tactfully called out a journalist when he tried to bring up her age and waiting until later to get married.

"Did you say becoming 40? What difference does an age make? Okay, this is the topic of why does age always come up with women… You might want to think about that question. I can't answer it because it makes no difference to me. Numbers have no milestone in my life. It wasn't a milestone."

So will the two work together for a third film?

"I hope. We enjoy working together," Reeves said.

"Will we have to wait another 12 years?" a reporter asked.

"Does it matter?" Reeves replied.

"Yes, does age matter? Time, time doesn't matter. As we say in this film, let go of time and your preconceived notions of time and just be. And if you write that literally, if you don't say she said it sarcastically, we'll personally come to your homes and destroy your landscaping," Bullock joked.

So I think my plants should be alright now.

Check out The Lake House when it hits theaters on June 16th.

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