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Comfortable Together

Bullock and Reeves team up for Lake House

Twelve years is a long time in the movie business.

For Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, co-stars in the 1994 hit Speed, that decade-plus of work has seen both actors firmly establish themselves as A-list Hollywood fixtures.

Now the two have re-teamed for the Alejandro Agresti fantasy-romance The Lake House, about a lonely doctor (Bullock) who begins exchanging letters with an architect (Reeves) at the house she once occupied. Only the two are actually living two years apart and must find a way to unite or lose their love affair forever.

"There's an ease for me, to look at (Reeves) directly when I'm not comfortable in a place myself," Bullock told a news conference in Los Angeles recently of working once again with the Toronto-raised actor.

"I can look him in the eye and feel I have a place there... We have a nice history and there's a great level of comfort that I have."

Since 1994, Reeves achieved worldwide household-name recognition as the tormented Neo in the Matrix trilogy, while Bullock established herself as one of Hollywood's most popular actresses with a string of romantic comedy hits and comedic success in Miss Congeniality and the sequel Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous.

The latter also found love, marrying biker and TV star Jesse James last year.

But the two can trace much of their success and acceptance — in Reeves' case, as something more than stoner Ted Logan of Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure fame — to that original bus-bound pairing.

It's somewhat ironic then, that The Lake House offers the actors very little screen time together as their characters communicate across time and through letters.

"Alejandro set up situations where we were in the same room and acting together, but apart," Reeves explains. "I don't think it was a challenge. I really called upon being open and whatever connection (Bullock) and I have to let that be."

Bullock concedes that she often finds on-screen intimacy difficult with the throngs of people watching or participating in a shoot and the awkwardness of two actors coming together, usually for the first time, on a set.

Not so, in this case.

"When you have an inanimate object like a bus and the action and the energy outside of yourself, you can make that the bigger thing," Bullock says. "We had the inanimate object of the house, but when we had to be together we had the most intimate (experience).

"I got to see (Reeves') history and what he's experienced in the past 10 years as a man — just as good as when I first met him, but just more open."

The Lake House opens in theatres next Friday.

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