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Lost and Found

(Translated from German, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

Twelve years after "Speed", Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are together again. A talk about friendship, love and lovesickness.

A nice couple - and the fans agree, too. They nominated "Speed" stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves for "best on-screen duo" and in addition gave them the award for the best "movie kiss". That was twelve years ago, and ever since then fans all over the world have been pushing for their idols to shoot another movie together.

Now the long wait is over. In the romantic comedy "The Lake House", Sandra Bullock plays a doctor who, in 2006, leaves a pictorial lake house near Chicago to move to the city. She leaves a letter for her next tenant, asking him to forward her mail. But it is strange that the next tenant (Reeves) pulls the letter out of the mailbox in the year 2004.

A romantic love story full of imagination and wonderful illogic has begun.

You haven't worked together for twelve years. What attracted you to "The Lake House"?

SANDRA BULLOCK The script corresponded perfectly with our ideas, because it deviates from all standards. Normally movies like this one are no longer made because the producers think it's too risky to finance such an unusual project.

KEANU REEVES The way Kate and Alex come together is very original and told with a heart. I thought it was great that this time I wasn't a hero who has to save the girl in distress. And it isn't about lovers either who are looking for a counterpart to complement each other. Instead it is about two persons who discover that together they can create something new.

Kate is living in the year 2006, Alex in 2004. In many scenes both are seen at the same time at the same place, but in different years. Was that difficult to act?

REEVES No. It is a part of the story that the two of them are yearning for each other. It doesn't matter if they are in the same room.

BULLOCK And it isn't what real life is like. Keanu and I are good friends, but we're not constantly looking at each other. So I know what it means not to see him but to think of him. I don't need eye contact to know that he is there.

REEVES She means that we get along well.

BULLOCK We understand each other and trust each other in a way that is difficult to put in words. (laughs). Gosh, how tacky that sounds. I guess it's most noticeable because we are constantly fighting.

What was working with director Alejandro Agresti like?

REEVES Most unusual. ungewöhnlich. he shoots every scene from one perspective only. There's neither shot nor counter-shot, much less any "security shots" which many other directors do. I think he works like this because he has already got the finished movie in his head and wants to prevent the producer in the editing room from making a completely different movie out of it.

The story about two people that happens in parallel in two different times requires a lot of imagination from the viewer. Didn't you feel foolish sometimes during filming?

BULLOCK I racked my brains for days on whether the scene in which Kate puts a letter into the box and a short while later the flag goes up because Alex in his time has just put his reply in isn't completely absurd. But I had to switch off these thoughts. Kate is a doctor, a scientist, but nevertheless believes in the magic of this relationship. So I had to do that as well. Like a child who doesn't think about logic but is swept along by a beautiful story.

The only way for Kate and Alex to get in touch is this mailbox in front of the lake house. Do you personally write letters as well?

REEVES I love writing on my old typewriter. It always gives me a feeling of putting important and lasting thoughts down on paper. Letters printed into paper don't fade, they preserve their independence.

BULLOCK I prefer handwritten letters. Five years ago my friends asked everyone whom I appreciate, no matter if I knew them personally or not, to write a couple of lines for me. Then they made a book out of all these letters. One of my best presents ever.

Who would you like to get mail from?

BULLOCK From my mother who died six years ago. I would love to know how she is now. Oh, it would be enough to only see her handwriting on the envelope. She was German and had very dramatic handwriting.

When did you experience big lovesickness for the first time?

BULLOCK We were living in Germany and his name was Stephan. When my family and I moved to the States, my heart broke. As soon as I was gone he made a pass at my cousin (laughs).

REEVES Unfortunately my first big love was unrequited. The girl's name was Alyson Muffet.

BULLOCK (punches him) You should never say a surname. I only said his first name. Be careful, now they will find your Alyson. For sure somewhere some journalist is already at his computer trying to google Alyson (laughs). (No results on Google. There, I've saved you the trouble. - Ani)

Keanu, what is it that makes a difference in a good relationship?

REEVES In a relationship you may never stop talking to each other. A couple of days ago somebody said to me that love between parents and children is unconditional. Measured by this, the relationship between two adults is the complete opposite.

Sandra, does it make any sense to wait for the right one?

BULLOCK That's quite a clever way to hide the question about my wedding. When I was a child my family lavished love on me. Later on I had wonderful relationships, even if some of them only lasted for a couple of years. I never had the feeling that I was waiting for somebody. Actually, I never wanted to marry, because too many marriages go wrong. I simply wanted to be happy.

Despite this you married Jesse James last year.

BULLOCK My godson brought us together three years ago (grins). Everything else simply happened.

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