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Keanu - Back to the Present

(Translated from Italian by keanugirl76)

Reeves takes a break from his dark side after The Matrix and Constantine. Here he is, co-starring with Sandra Bullock in the modern romance The Lake House. The star – now over 40 – so revives his career successfully.

by Catia Donini

It’s obvious, and unavoidable, that the first image that comes to the audience’s mind when thinking of Keanu Reeves may be the acrobatic as well as mystic Neo, the protagonist and Messiah of the Matrix trilogy. After all, the Wachowskis’ movie style and merchandising has been a trend which has influenced imagination, fashion and technology; but the actor has finally managed to successfully overcome the danger of being imprisoned forever in his ascetic black coat. It still seems yesterday when, in the breath-taking Speed, he co-starred with Sandra Bullock; and now (twelve years after), the two reunite in The Lake House, both over 40, romantic, facing a love story which goes beyond temporal conventions.

Kate Forster decides to leave the rural Illinois for Chicago and leaves in the mail box a letter for the next tenant. Alex Burnham finds the house in bad conditions, reads the letter and suddenly realises that there’s something wrong. Through a rich and more and more passionate mail exchange, Alex and Kate discover they are living in two different periods but, in order to meet each other, they are ready to face their destiny.

Besides the romantic comedy The Lake House and a small role in Thumbsucker, we will see the eclectic Keanu playing even a gangster in the Adrian Lyne movie inspired by one of Hollywood's big mysteries. Indeed, in Stompanato, Lyne will direct Reeves and Catherine Zeta-Jones in a telling of the tragic love affair between the star Lana Turner and the gangster Johnny Stompanato.

With a Hawaiian-Chinese father, an English mother, an exotic name (it means cold breeze over the mountains), Reeves – born in Lebanon 42 years ago and lived in Australia, New York and Toronto, but of Canadian citizenship – is not a typical Hollywood actor, and not only for his facial features.

He has just shot Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly, a mix of action, cartoon and science-fiction, where Keanu co-stars with Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr and Woody Harrelson. A cast which does really seem a curious mix of 40 year-old boys who have survived the Hollywood system.

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