Unknown Source (Italy), June 2006

Keanu Reeves: "I Dream of a Family"

(Translated from Italian by keanugirl76, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

He’s one of Hollywood's sex symbols. Serious, sometimes bashful, Keanu is having a brilliant career but his life has always been marked by sorrow. We met him at the presentation of his new movie.

Ilaria M. Linetti

LOS ANGELES – “I don’t know what ‘home’ may mean. I don’t have a home. I think that, according to the collective imagery, it should be a safe and comfortable place, a source of nourishment…but I don’t know what it means.

Keanu Reeves bought a villa on the Hollywood hills three years ago, but he still keeps on saying that he doesn’t have a home. His lack of roots dates back to his childhood. He was born in Lebanon, by chance: his parents, Samuel Reeves and Patricia Taylor, met when they were abroad for work. He could have both US and English citizenship, but he only owns a Canadian passport because it was the country where he grew up and went to school – though he left it in order to pursue acting, his passion. He has not talked to his father (who spent some years in jail) since he was a child, and does not want to talk about his mother’s other two husbands. Both marriages lasted just a few years. He has two sisters, but only the older, Kim, is Samuel and Patricia’s daughter. Kim is seriously suffering from leukaemia and lives in Anacapri, in a villa her brother bought for her. Indeed he seems to have a perfect knowledge of the best Italian resorts.

Love hasn’t reserved for Keanu Reeves a better destiny: he had just one official girlfriend, who lost their baby girl she was expecting in 1999 and died herself in a car accident in 2001. During his career, tabloids even tried to attribute to him a gay love, an actor or maybe a millionaire, whom Keanu was reported to have married,while he has always said they never met.

The only thing which has never been questioned is his career, which includes every movie genre, from science-fiction with The Matrix trilogy – which launched him onto the Olympus of the movie stars, to fantasy with The Devil’s Advocate, to comedies and romantic movies such as A Walk in The Clouds or Sweet November. His latest movie, The Lake House, is a romantic drama. Here Reeves co-stars again with Sandra Bullock, already his partner in Speed, though its box-office returns cannot be compared to the former.


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