Unknown Source (Italy), June 2006

Keanu Reeves: "Sandra? Beautiful and Creative"

(Translated from Italian by keanugirl76, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

So The Lake House protagonist describes his partner and his director…

by Ilaria M. Linetti

I: Has something changed after almost 15 years?

K: Sandra has become much more beautiful and creative. She’s really worthy of praise; now she’s even a producer. For the rest, we had more fun in promoting the movie together, as our characters are so melancholic..

I: In the movie your relation consists of a mail exchange. Are you still used to writing any or do you use e-mail only?

K: No, I don’t even own a computer. Whenever I need it, I’ve always just asked my friends for one. On the contrary, writing a letter clearly does have a totally different aim. I have also exchanged some with Sandra during these years…

I: And how was your experience with director Alejandro Agresti?

K: He self-produced 18 movies, so working with a studio has really been a shock for him. He’s creative, he likes putting things together, blowing them up and re-mixing. I let him lead, holding the reins. Though expressing my point of view, I always asked him what he expected from me and acted consequently.

I: Your next movie will be A Scanner Darkly, directed by Richard Linklater. Another science-fiction movie, taken from a novel by Philip K. Dick. Do you love this genre in particular?

K: Oh yeah, I like it very much. I would do Constantine 2 if I was asked to, yet Constantine hasn’t taught me anything. Even though that character suffered from lung cancer, I still haven’t given up smoking.

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