Unknown Source (Italy), June 2006

Keanu Reeves: "I Believe in Multi-Culture"

(Translated from Italian by keanugirl76)

He fights for racial tolerance. And he (still) believes in the American Dream. As for Italy, he says that…

by Ilaria M. Linetti

I: If you could change only one aspect of the world, what would it be?

K: Tolerance. The words I love most are three: to allow, to accept, to support. I think multi-culture is the real culture of the world. A pure race, for instance Italian, doesn’t exist. Indeed the citizens of Milan don’t speak like those who live in Naples, and there’re differences also between Capri and Anacapri.

I: On which other occasions did you encounter the Italian culture?

K: I worked in an Italian restaurant, I love pasta. I don’t cook, but I enjoy going out for dinner. Nevertheless, I cannot consider myself a good judge. Not even of wines. I just know some…

I: And as for the American culture what do you love most?

K: I like the American Dream. The idea that your life may be exactly as you like it, in spite of your race or your social class. It’s one of the biggest advantages of this nation, that your ideas may come true. I believe that the American Dream of building your life up, that may consist in having a home, a family, or in being what you want to be…well…I believe that all this is really true.

I: You often talk about home and family. What are your dreams related to?

K: I do have some hopes for my private life but I still don’t have a family. I think that my dreams are probably still related to my job. There’s always a hope of doing a good job, of making good movies.

I: Is there anything you would leave your job for?

K: Sure, but luckily I haven’t found it yet.


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