Gala (Ge), July 6, 2006

"He did his best with the kissing"

(Translated from German)

by Christian Aust

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves have known and liked each other for 12 years. They offered GALA some insight into their wonderful friendship – and the latest shooting.

She would get an A+ for her posture in any class on good manners; he is lolling uninhibitedly on the couch beneath her at the London Dorchester Hotel.

“Are you tired ? Just get a grip!” Sandra Bullock, 41, is teasing her colleague. Keanu Reeves, 41, is putting up with that rebuke only because Bullock and him are far more than only colleagues.

On the set of the action-thriller “Speed”, their collaboration turned into a deep friendship. Platonic – except when they were shooting the movie. That's why they are talking about the kisses in their latest movie “The Lake House”, and a ravenous appetite for “Nürnberger Bratwürste”.

(-> a local speciality – sausages manufactured in the city of Nürnberg – annotation by AllyKe)

GALA: We'll start with a little time travel – Do you remember the day when you two first met

KR: That was a lovely day!

SB: That was when I was auditioning for my role in “Speed” . Of course I knew Keanu from the movies.

KR: I knew you too.

SB: Now you are kidding. There wasn’t anything relevant to be seen of me on the screen.

KR: No, really – I knew your work.

SB: My work? You cannot really call one single movie a “work”. (laughs)

KR: OK. But I remember the day we first met exactly.

SB: It was incredibly embarrassing. I had to sit down on a folding chair and pretend having a huge steering-wheel of a bus in my hands.

KR: You were being fantastic on your folding chair!

SB: And you were being very merciful with me.

GALA: Didn’t you have a crush on Keanu at that time like millions of other women?

SB: Are you kidding me?? I was so nervous that day to get the chance to meet the wonderful Keanu Reeves. It's a pity your readers can't see how he is shaking his head in disbelief now and is blushing more and more deeply. He often does that when I'm telling a story. I wonder if he doesn’t like it or if he's getting bored with my stories?

KR: Please stop it and go on.

SB: For the record: Keanu is a dreamboat. And that tripped me up completely. I tried to pull myself together but I was a nervous wreck. My friends were very excited too and I had to promise every single one of them to call her after the casting and tell her how he had been.

KR: (with a purple colour in his face) O my god!

GALA: And what did you actually tell your friends ?

SB: That Keanu is very cute and that I made a fool of myself.

GALA: You kept in touch after the filming was over. Why?

KR: I like to be with her and I feel fine when she's near.

SB: I trust him like I don’t trust many people. I'm not too good at such things, believe me. I don’t open up easily.

KR: She's got a little problem here…

SB: I like to keep myself under control and I always try to protect myself from getting dissappointed. Keanu on the other hand approaches things very openly and instinctively. He is the nonchalant one in our relationship – me, I'm tensing up. We complement each other perfectly in this regard. I am a cerebral person, he is using his instincts. I can talk about problems and emotional distress with him. Something very special!

KR: I couldn't have said it in a better way.

GALA: How do you make each other laugh?

SB: There are some things that use to work on him. When I start making grimaces…

KR: (laughs)

SB: You see, it works . Sometimes however he laughs and I don't know why. It's a bit disturbing if he does. I can't help thinking he is laughing about me / makes fun of me.

KR: I'm not making fun on you ! I just enjoy what you are doing.

GALA: You won the MTV Movie Award in the category “Best Kiss” for “Speed” .

KR: We were nominated.

SB: No, we won it too.

GALA: How do you calculate your chances for your kisses in your new movie “The Lake House” ?

SB: I'm crossing my fingers fervently hoping we are gonna win something for this unusual kiss. During the take you never know how it might look afterwards. Anyway, there is hardly something as bizarre as kissing in front of a camera. But I think we did a good job. I like that kiss!! And I don't care what other people say. Keanu did his very best – and so did I .

KR: I like the kiss too. Considering it in a merely professional way of course.

SB: As a matter of course.

GALA: We know Sandra is being passionate about the frankian and bayuwarian cuisine. Does your friendship include sharing her beloved “Nürnberger Bratwürste” with you ?

KR: “Nürnbörger” – what ??

SB: I would have loved to have eaten Nürnberger Bratwürste with him. But in our country of allegedly boundless possibilities they are so difficult to get. At least real Nürnberger – I have to smuggle them into the country every time .

KR: One moment! I'm sitting here with a criminal? I want such a “Bratwürst” too!

SB: The term is “Bratwurst”. And you will get one occasionally, I promise!

GALA: Your movie is about a romantic relationship of penfriends. When did you write your last love letter?

KR: We both are writing letters.

SB: Keanu writes letters. He doesn’t know how to handle a computer. He doesn't even possess one. I cannot talk about romantic content though. I am writing lots of emails 'cause it's so practical. But I love a romantic letter much more.

GALA: You are reported to have exchanged emails with your husband-to-be before it got really serious ?

KR: I didn’t know this. You met in a normal way, didn’t you – in the afternoon, if I remember right…

SB: That's true. But you are right, we exchanged emails after that. We wanted to interchange and learn something about each other. And I think that would have been more difficult if we had talked face to face. Of course its better to look into one another's eyes to know if the other one is being serious. You can write lots of crap in emails. You can tell all kinds of lies. Maybe the other one is a maniac and you don't realize it. But: Emails are not bad at all. They are very comfortable. And I can be quite a lazy person sometimes.

GALA: People should not attend your new movie without a load of paper handkerchiefs. Are you able to cry in the movies ?

KR: I am great at crying at the movies. And I'm finding out that the older I get the more often I cry in the cinema. I am sobbing uncontrollably and I am astonished about that fact every time.

SB: We have been talking about control of emotions before. I hate crying. The reason might be I don’t want to let myself go. But once it gets me I am lost. It can be a song or a book. The tears keep flowing. Maybe I should accept at last that crying is not a weakness but a gift.

KR: I feel the older I get the more I appreciate the days I have lived….

SB: And the days still to come.

KR: Exactly. Life is getting more precious with age. And that's why I can only advise anybody: Let your feelings guide you and don’t suppress them! Laugh when you feel like it!

SB: …cry when you are sad and try to share such moments with others.

KR: Oh, somebody has learned something here.

GALA: Did you get more contemplative with age?

KR: 40 was a milestone. I'm reflecting more than I did in former times. It was time for me to look back and kind of take stock of my life. Unfortunately I have been losing some dear friends in my life, who were very close to me. I miss those people very much. And I figure out how it would be to be a father, to have a family.

GALA: You want children?

KR: I would love to have a family and kids. I always wanted that. It's practically that many of my friends have become parents, so I'm inviting them to my home, we are having a big barbecue party and the children are romping through the garden. That is wonderful.

SB: A propos barbecue – We are relatively close to Germany here – I wonder if we could not get us some Nürberger Bratwürste here? That must be possible somehow…

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Guest (2010-01-30 02:16:19)
 Lovely interview!!! I adore them both!!!:-*
Yes, (2010-01-30 07:04:34)
 there's something special about them when they're together. Pity it's not on video...
Guest... (2010-10-10 08:32:52)
 They are very sincere and harmonious together.
GuestCaroline (2010-10-12 15:14:08)
 Keanu and Sandra bring out the best in each other. Oh how lovely life can be when your best friend's presence brings you comfort.

Sandra clearly has a huge crush on Keanu, and Keanu just adores Sandra.

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