Petra (Ge), July 2006

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves - they have three things in common: "Speed", their new movie "The Lake House" and a life away from Hollywood. We are checking out the duo.


(Translated from German, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

Sandra & Keanu: Simply irresistible!
(Keanu's part only)

For a Hollywood star who with his "Matrix" trilogy alone earned an estimated 150 million dollars, Keanu Reeves seems not to run true to type. He neither campaigns for a sect nor for Italian champagne. He doesn’t own a private jet and not even a computer. And he doesn’t even offer a target to the yellow press: sex scandals, drug abuse, trashed hotel rooms? None of that. You could even forget that Keanu Reeves exists, if it wasn’t for new Keanu films released in the cinemas periodically. Then the 41-year old resurfaces, exchanges jeans, comfy sweaters and bike for a suit and stretch limousine for the premiere and answers journalists’ questions friendlily, but reluctantly. A sometimes tedious procedure, after which the reporters describe him as "enigmatic", "secretive" or "impervious". Frustrated ones even sometimes call him "not so bright". And this happens year after year.

Keanu is a lone wolf who withdraws from the audience

In a key scene in "Matrix", Keanu alias Neo has the choice between a red and a blue pill. Red represents reality, blue represents dream. In the movie he chooses red and thus the chance to escape from the computer-generated dreamworld to discover reality. Privately, Keanu has also consciously decided not to spend his life under the eyes of the paparazzi and in the searchlights of Hollywood. And because he thus eludes from any assimiliation, he is often allegorised as the biggest enigma of the film metropolis.

The Canadian who was born in Beirut thinks differently. His explanation for the fact that no earth-shaking details about the private individual Reeves become known makes sense: "I lead a quiet life, I rarely go out. Somehow sad, but that’s the way it is..." On the other hand, he also once said: "I am Mickey Mouse - they don't know who’s inside the suit." A hint that he is hiding some information from us? Why not, he would have every right to do so. To divulge details about, let’s say, the latest affair or to publicly celebrate a successful alcohol detoxification is something he leaves to others. And especially about the two big tragedies in his life it was impossible to elicit something from him: In 1999, his and Jennifer Syme’s, his girlfriend, daughter was stillborn, two years later (Jennifer) died in a car accident.

Why is this melancholic lone-wolf so popular, despite his refusal - beyond his films - to connect with his audience? No current relationship of his is avouched, only his passion for bikes (after a couple of accidents he is "no longer driving that fast"), the acquisition of a villa in Beverly Hills after living in hotels for several years ("I am getting older") and the fact that he used to play in the rockband Dogstar (a side job which he quit a short while ago because "it was time").

The classical explanation is: The less you know about a moviestar, the more fascinating his charisma - Keanu Reeves, the ideal projection screen. But there is also director Richard Linklater’s explanation, with whom Reeves filmed "A Scanner Darkly": "Keanu is surrounded by this wonderful aura of innocence," he says, "and his sensitivity reaches the audience unfiltered." An assessment that Sandra Bullock backs up. In "The Lake House" the two of them had to play emotionally draining scenes: "But the courage to let oneself go is something that you as an actor can only find with a colleague who makes you feel safe. And I simply feel comfortable near Keanu."


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