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"I've met a ghost"

In "The Lake House", the "Speed" stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves experience supernatural things. But be careful, in reality, even more spooky things are happening to them!

It took twelve years! Now, for the first time after their huge success "Speed", Sandra Bullock (41) and Keanu Reeves (41) are shooting a movie together. And this time it gets mystical: in the romantic drama "The Lake House" they have to transcend time and space to come together. TV Movie met the Hollywood dream-couple in Beverly Hills - and spoke with them about sins of their youth, romantic - and extrasensory powers.

Who of you was the first one to sign the contract for "The Lake House"?
SANDRA BULLOCK Me. But when I heard that Keanu would play my lover, I started thinking.
KEANU REEVES Well, thank you. Guess I was lucky.

What was different this time compared to your last shooting together?
REEVES We've finally grown up, are more focused during work. Sandra is now a producer. And we have big houses that we have to renovate. In the movie we are destined for each other.

Do you believe in fate?
BULLOCK I believe in anything, even in ghosts.

Are you serious?
BULLOCK I know, it sounds crazy, but I am positive. A couple of years ago I saw them with my own eyes in a house. A couple of times already.

What exactly did you see?
BULLOCK A hand or a face that was not really there. In the beginning it scared me to death. But the more I thought about the thought that there may be more things in this world than we can see, the less afraid I was.
REEVES Oooh, eerie! If I could choose a ghost, I would like to meet William Shakespeare.

In the movie you try your luck as a man of letters, writing beautiful letters. Quite old-fashioned, isn't it?
REEVES Not at all! I hate emails. Writing letters is much more personal and romantic!
BULLOCK I think so too! I like myself better writing than talking: (when writing) I am more polite and more sensitive.

Why don't you shoot another comedy together?
REEVES I've already thought about that. How about a muscial, Sandra?
BULLOCK Let's put it like this: I didn't inherit my parents' opera genes. In high school I played a couple of musicals on stage - but I always preferred the dancing part.
REEVES Cute! You in a high-school musical - I would have loved to see that


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