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(Translated and compiled from Japanese interviews and articles by belelmo27cien at Club-Keanu, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

Q: Both of you have been so successful. Do you have anyone to give you advice on your work?
Sandra: I have a friend who is an astrologist, and I always call and ask for advice. (laughs)
Keanu: Uranus makes you go to the next level.
Sandra: What? What's it about Uranus? What's it about my anus?
Keanu: Makes you rise to heaven. (laughs)
Sandra: Jesus Christ! Don't you have a Saturn in your anus? Give me a break!
Keanu: It's better than having Jupiter, isn't it?
Sandra: That's actually true. (laughs)

Q: The lake house in the movie looks very unique. Would you like to actually live there?
Keanu: I'd like to spend vacation there.
Sandra: I like the house. Even if it's all glass, but we can always have curtains. There is nothing around that house and it just stands there alone on the lake.
Keanu: You'd be completely alone.
Sandra: What?
Keanu: You'd have to stay completely alone.
Sandra: Yeah, I like to be alone. To be isolated.
Keanu: You could have the lake all to yourself. (laughs)
Sandra: What's so funny? Are you all right?
Keanu: Nothing. I was just amused.

Q: Who would you write a letter to if you had that magic mailbox?
Sandra: Could it be anybody in any period?
Keanu: Elvis.... Elvis and Santa Claus.
Sandra: Elvis! "Don't sit on the toilet that night!" 'Cause he died in the bathroom, you know. It's too bad as he was a superstar.
Keanu: (hesitates) I'd write to Santa Claus.
Sandra: I'd write to my great-great-greatgrandfather, or my ancestors whom I've never met. I want to know how they lived long time ago.

Q: What do you remember specifically about shooting this film?
Sandra: You should be proud of your physical beauty.
Keanu: Okay, okay.... But it was an interesting shoot. I went to shoot first, then two days off, then shot together for 10 days, then Sandy was shooting for...how long? Three weeks?
Sandra: Much longer. Six weeks. 'Cause I had to do exactly what you had done.
Keanu: Right, exactly what I had done?
Sandra: Yes, I had to do exactly what Keanu had done. Just like you have to treat your kids equally, I had to understand everything Keanu did.
Keanu: So, the shooting of this film was unusual. There were times we couldn't shoot. I remember one day we had to call off the shooting because we couldn't recreate the same situation due to the preparation problems, and it was interesting. If you are on the set for shooting, you always shoot. Everyone thinks so. But we didn't that day, and we went for dinner instead. This is just one interesting episode, but it's also the proof that the director was very specific about making this movie.

Q: So, you're friends, right? I can't really imagine kissing my friends like that... (Translator's note: In the article, before this question, Sandy said: "We do kiss as friends all the time." I don't know if she meant "we" as she & Keanu, or just generally. There's some info here that you may not know before like they had to re-shoot the last kiss. So I guess the Teen Choice Awards comment from Keanu makes sense now because they did re-shoot of the last kiss AFTER she got married haha.)

Q: (to Sandy) Did you feel guilty because of your husband?
Sandra: I wasn't married yet at that time.... Wait, there were kisses after I got married. (Translator's note: in the article, it is actually said "there were kisses before I got married", but I think it's a mistake as it doesn't make sense.)
Keanu: Right.
Sandra: So, in this movie, you kissed Sandra as a single woman and also as a married woman. You are so lucky, Keanu!
Keanu: I'm a lucky man. That's for sure.

Q: Did you know "This Never Happened Before" would be used for the dance scene?
Sandra: No, I was totally surprised. When we shot the scene, a different song was used and I didn't like it at all. But later I heard Paul McCartney's song was used and I listened to it. It was perfect for that scene and I was very moved.
Keanu: I hear Paul felt the same. Alejandro (director) sent the footage of that scene to Paul to get the permission to use the song, and he said,"it's like as if I wrote this song for this scene," and he agreed immediately.

Q: About narrations...
Keanu: There are lots of narrations in this movie and we recorded them over and over again. Sandy and I looked at the footages and threw out ideas.
Sandra: We recorded together in the same studio. Usually narrations are done separately, but if you do it together, you can react to each other's lines.

Q: What do you find charming in Sandra?
Sandra: Look, look! (She pushes her face against Keanu's, then he blushes; this is the notes on the article, not photo) You see the moment the chemistry sparks between us!
Keanu: (in panic) I'm blushing! Uh, what was the question again?

Q: Tell us what do you find charming in Sandra without thinking she's here.
Keanu: You mean the charming points in her role?
Sandra: No, no, Keanu. Mine! Sandra's!
Keanu: She's romantic, beautiful, charming, and a wonderful woman. In fact, we were lovers in the ancient Egyptian era, so our history goes back for thousands of years. We are a present version of them.
And when they are asked if they exchanged letters in the Egypt era,
Keanu: I was a warrior then, so I didn't write a letter.
Sandra: Instead, we sealed our feelings inside the pyramid.

Q: Are there any scenes you had to reshoot?
Keanu: Last scene, actually.
Sandra: When we shot the last scene first time, I hadn't shot my other scenes yet. So, when we looked at the last scene, we felt something wasn't right. Whole emotions should have been into the last scene, but something was missing. If you're not content with the ending, you're lost, you know. So, when I saw Alex was walking toward Kate in the reshot last scene, I felt "this is it!"
Keanu: So, we didn't know what this movie was like until we experienced the post-production process.
Sandra: That's right.

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