TMZ (US), August 12, 2006

Exclusive -- Keanu Stopped By Cops at LAX

Keanu Reeves was pulled over by airport police at Los Angeles International Airport today for a traffic violation, but escaped with only a warning.

It's not the biggest crime in the world certainly, but anything that goes down at airports these days is eventful. Reeves was pulled over for allegedly violating California Vehicle Code 21453(a) -- failing to stop at a signal or, in common parlance, blowing a red light. It happened at 3:00 p.m. PST. The cop did not issue a citation and let Reeves go with a warning.

It's unclear what the "Matrix" star was doing at the airport, although we know he was on the upper level, which is for departing passengers.

A rep for Reeves could not be reached for comment.


Matrix, The

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