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Sandra Bullock (& Keanu Reeves!)

Corinne Ng chocks up 35 flight hours just to have a 45-minute chat with the stars of The Lake House and finds that seeing Keanu Reeves blush is well worth the jetlag.

Let's start with something intelligent: Keanu, what do you like to see your woman in?
Keanu Reeves: Whatever makes her happy, whatever her style is, whatever she wants. And then, once we meet, then ...
Sandra Bullock: "Take it off! take it nff now!" He has great taste in clothes.

For women or for himself?
SB: Both.
KR: No.
SB: You DO!
KR: No, no, I don't.
SB: You lie like a rug! He's not into trendy stuff but he knows what he wants.
KR: I appreciate good clothing.
SB: And good shoes!
KR: Yes, good shoes especially! Am I blushing? [Yes, he IS!]

You into clothes as well, Sandra?
I hate shopping for clothes. I would much rather shop for a vintage toilet and fixtures. I'd rather someone arrive at my house with a rack of clothes and say, "This is what's out there."
KR: Hold on, you're talking about the physical act of shopping. But you like looking at clothing, you like thinking about clothing, you like wearing clothing ...
SB: Not always!
KR: You just don't like the driving and the parking.

Is it because it's tough going out now that you're recognised?
SB: I've just never been a go-out·and-get person. When I was younger, we never had the money to go out and shop so it was literally make do with one pair. My mother was always at a sale or making the best of something so we didn't have to buy something new to go to an event. She was a great seamstress and she made great outfits. But ... I do appreciate great shoes!

Favourite shoe designer then?
SB: Christian Louboutin.

Good choice.
SB: Expensive choice!

You both work in an image-conscious industry, but you're both not too preoccupied by it. Is that a fair assumption?
SB: Fortunately, people expect very little of me! If you notice, the only time I'm dressed well is at a big event lik the Oscars. Otherwise, I'm in the same pair of jeans with a baseball cap or some sweat shirt. I get dressed If I want to, but it's for me. I don't go. "I'm leaving the house, I need to get into full hair and makeup because at some point I'll probably be photographed.· But I wish they wouldn 't because you don't look your best ...

But you're living your best.
SB: Thank you.

You're one of the few actresses who reject Hollywood's expectations of them.
SB: Well, what's expected changes every year! I do what I like, you know. And I've been lucky to do so many things. I changed direction a year·and·a·half ago and decided l'm gonna go this route instead and see if people will have me. Or if I'll get hired. I don't believe you need to be seen going out every single day. I mean, that might be true but I don't have the energy for it. There's other stuff I wanna do outside of this business that I find equally exciting as being in front of the camera.

What's a question you hope journalists would ask but they never do?
SB: I know what I don't want to be asked! The same question I was asked when I first worked with Keanu.
KR: What was it?
SB: "What was it like kissing Keanu Reeves?" I was like, Jesus. nobody's asking him what it 's like kissing me! Respected journalists, no matter if they were from BBC or CNN, they'd be like, "My editor wanted me to ask you Ihis."

Yeah ... they always say that, little cowards!
KR: J like questions about art or what it was like doing the film ...
SB: But no one cares about that. (OI, I CARE! Behind-the-scenes making-of-movies stuff is fascinating. - Ani) It's not what sells magazines.

It's sooo great you know that!
You know what's nice, though, even though it isn't what sells magazines? It's nice to see how Keanu works, how the director works, and how everyone comes from a differcnt direction but somehow it all harmonises, We'll do a scpne and I'll get nervous and go. "I hope I get this moment," then I feel him behind me and I turn around and I look at him and then suddenly, the whole scene changes. I wish people could see that because it's so scary. You're so nervous you won't hit the moment. I don't know what he's gonna bring to the table and whatever he brings changes whatever I'd do.
KR: I think one of the nicest moments in my life is after they say, "Action!"
SB: Yeah, it's the unknown.

Quite a few film actors today are venturing into stage - Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Julianna Margulies, to name a few. Is it because stage adds cred to an actor's resume?
SB: I think in the film industry it's always been if you've done stage it gives you credibility. But I don't know what that means. They're all viable art forms . For me, I've been lucky to have done every thing from film, to stage, musical theatre, to dance theatre, to TV ... to home video! [Laughs]
KR: Really??
SB: Actually, il irks me a little when people say doing stage makes you a better actor. Why should it?
KR: Maybe eight years ago, more of what you're talking about was alive but now, it doesn't seem like people are doing theatre for credibility: it 's just something that's interesting to performers. Historically, because theatre is an actor's medium (whereas film is more of a director's medium), stage is some place where traditionally as an actor you were acknowledged as a legitimate actor. But now, it seems to me that because theatre is happening around the world more, actors all over the world are doing it. Even international cinema is occurring more in America. It's opened up theatrically what actors are doing, It's a very creative time. It really is.

On the movie

How was it coming together again for a movie? It's been more than a decade since Speed.
Sandra Bullock: There was the appropriate nervousness, the excilement. It's a luxury to be able to choose who you can work with and to have it be so rewarding, on a tolally different level than Ihe first time we worked together. I mean we're not different people but we've evolved and, hopefully, become more mature.

Were there times before where it was possible for you both to work together?
Keanu Reeves: Yeah, kinda sort of·ish ...
SB: WeII, there wasn't something that really leaped out. If it never really gelled, then it wasn't the right thing. There wasn't this thing going, "Oh, we have to find something for ourselves."

So what was it about The Lake House that got you both involved?
KR: It was the kind o( romance it was trying to be - dramatic, romantic, different. It's a romance coming from different directions and about desperate people searching for sometbing in their lives and then coming logether.
Sandra: As soon as the director said, "I'd like Keanu", I was like, "Oh my God!" It's scary to do a film about love or pain or life, and opening yourself up that way, although that's what our job is. And you want to be with someone you feel comfortable doing that with. You want to feel comfortable being uncomfortable, you know, to feel someone's got your back. And I feel that way with Keanu. I like talking to him and looking at him -- not because he's handsome but because I can trust him.

What's your favourite scene in the movie?
KR: I liked the dancing scene. I like how we came together.
SB: You're right! Because no one told us what to do. They just let a song play, they had the camera rolling and then there was silence. And you forgot everyone was standing around.
KR: [To Sandra] I mean, I really felt as a performer in the character with you in your character in that moment, and love how that came together. And your touch on the back of my neck, I was like, "Oh God, come home."
SB: You're right. It's one o( those moments where you can take it like you're hung out to dry or you can just let go. And it's a weird thing. You're not allowed to do that in American cinema. The silence of that. That was a long silence.
KR: And I believe when our characters came together and shared a kiss, it wasn't like who kissed who first, I remember us speaking about it, and we were like, "Well, do I kiss you first or do you kiss me first?"
SB: You become very mechanical about it! Like, "How long do you want us to hold that kiss for? Is my arm blocking lhe light?"
KR: You try to come up with all these parameters because you're floating in space. But when we did come together it was just two people right there. I mean, I felt so comfortable in your arms.


Sandra & Keanu's split-second answers


Dog or cat?

For your guy, jeans or tux?
He's gotta look good in both!

Diamonds or shoes?
Oh, that's a tough one. Shoes. With diamonds.


Big bathroom or big bedroom?

Lingerie: White or black?
Depends on her.

Bimbo or bitch?
A broad!


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