(US), September 11, 2006

Hollywood HelmetWatch Special Edition: Keanu Reappears At ArcLight In Protective Headgear

by Mark

Longtime Defamer readers may remember the time that monosyllabic Matrix thespian Keanu Reeves first established the open-faced motorcycle helmet as last summer's must-have accessory for the quirkily conspicuous celebrity moviegoer. A Defamer operative notes that Reeves was once again rocking the indoor-helmet look at the ArcLight, possibly in an attempt to reestablish the trend for the fall fashion season:

09/10 - 10PM Sunday night at the ArcLight Hollywood. Spotted Keanu Reeves leaving the theater with three friends in tow. Must not have wanted anyone to recognize him because he was going incognito with his open-face motorcycle helmet on while still inside the theater.

We recognize the possibility that we might be misidentifying Reeves' unorthodox helmet use as some kind of biker-dude sartorial affectation, and there could just as likely be some kind of practical reason for wearing it inside the theater. Perhaps the actor once suffered a psychologically scarring Raisinet attack from a displeased patron when he made the mistake of sitting in the front row of a screening of Hard Ball and seeks to shield his skull from another hail of chocolate-covered projectiles, or the therapist he's seeing to treat a low-grade agoraphobia told him that donning his protective headgear would render him invisible to all but fellow celebrities. We'll probably need more anecdotal information from future ArcLight sightings (for example, if a "cloaked" Reeves starts waving his hands wildly in front of a moviegoer's face while noting, "Whoa! He totally can't see me.") before we can know the helmet's true purpose.


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Guestor maybe (2009-08-24 18:35:28)
 this is just a strangely practical way of carrying the helmet to keep his habds free and keep the helmet out of the way of other theater patrons
or (2009-08-25 17:58:18)
 ... the helmet's true purpose is providing lazy 'journalists' with a made-up subject for their 'columns' ...

Anakin McFly
or (2009-08-25 20:46:59)

...the little critters who were forced to move out of his beard when he shaved refused to leave their long-time host and instead took up residence in his hair, resulting in him needing to wear a helmet to hide their presence.

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