Out of Sight Media (US), December 3, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Keanu Reeves, I Wonder If He Was Wasted?

by Henry

I found Keanu Reeves late in the afternoon while he had dinner with a female companion and her dog. They were at Le Conversation and Keanu acted kinda strange. Every once in a while he would close one eye and leave the other eye opened. He stood up to answer his cell phone and when he walked back, he stumbled all over.

The grossest thing that he did was stick his finger in his mouth to loosen an article of food that must have been stuck somewhere on his teeth. Then, he looked at his finger after dislodging the food and laughed. I guess his dinner companion must have commented on that action?

Keanu then got up to stretch. He sat back down; he was completely impatient. As he ate, his food got stuck just outside his mouth and he did not notice. It was disgusting.

Luckily, he did not know that I was there while he ate; otherwise, he might have cleaned up his act. I hid in my car the whole time. I found parking just behind a car on the same side of the street as the restaurant, and had a clear view towards him. I felt bad for Keanu. He did look better though since he did shave.





GuestLuckily he did not know you were there... (2009-08-25 23:40:13)
 ...and you were hiding the whole time in your car because....?

EllieP (who can't login!)

Guest (2009-08-26 21:15:22)
 OOOR: he KNEW you were there and put on a show - just for you!

Wyley - also not logged (I think I have to renew)

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