Lausanne Cit├ęs (Ch), February 8, 2007

Keanu Reeves visits his sister in the CHUV

(Translated from Spanish)

by Fabio Bonavita

The actor well known for the Matrix trilogy is since a few days in Lausanne to support his 41 year old sister who is there for a serious disease. Every day he visits the public cafeteria of the CHUV as an ordinary visitor.

"The first time that I noticed him, I could not believe my eyes. Keanu Reeves was truly unrecognizable, according to a witness, employer of the CHUV who wishes to stay anonymous. He was dressed with a blue and green bonnet and had a long beard that changed his look considerably." Completely transformed, the famous actor comes like an ordinary visitor who makes return visits to his sister, who is in this hospital Lausannois. "My colleagues and me first noticed him last Thursday, says the employee. We returned several times to make sure that it was him. It was his current look that made us unsure."

Low Profile

With the CHUV, it is not easy to go low profile. Because Keanu does not pass completely unperceived with those who can recognize him. "He signed autographs on a few days according to our source. But he has almost the astonished air that so few people recognize it. It is necessary to say that with his neglected look, he does not truly think about being a movie star!" The invasion of fans has therefore again not taken place in the establishment, Swiss discretion obliges.

Keanu, a resident of "Vaudois"?

Currently staying in a luxurious hotel in the region, the actor of Speed would be on the other hand on the way to buy a property in the area in order to be able to regularly visit the Lausannois. No information has yet been revealed as for the exact place nor with the size of the real estate desired by the Hollywood star.


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