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The star by his sister's bedside

(Translated from Spanish)

Caption under photo: In front of the CHUV, Keanu Reeves cannot keep his eyes off his sister. He takes the opportunity to exchange words with her in the fresh air. Kim is confined to a wheelchair as she is too frail from her treatments.

by Evelyne Emeri

Keanu Reeves, the Canadian actor has been giving support to his ailing younger sister for the past several years in her fight against illness. She is being treated now at the CHUV.

He is unrecognizable because of his long hair and beard, the tuque on his head and his wearing very casual clothing, Keanu Reeves (42 years old) entered the CHUV's cafeteria yesterday afternoon in the middle of visiting hours. The huge Hollywood star is able to go unnoticed in the crowd of people surrounding him. No bodyguard in sight. No one recognizes him unless... you meet his gaze. Before being a star, he is first and foremost the loving brother of Kim (41 years old), who has been battling leukemia for the past several years. The actor pushes his sister's wheelchair to a nearby table and then leaves her momentarily to get some refreshments.

The employees at the cafeteria are used to him: "He signs autographs, he is very nice." The hospital personnel who are during their breaks take the opportunity to look at Neo (the name of his character in the Wachowski brothers' trilogy): "You know, he's the guy in 'The Matrix'." And the person he spoke to is amazed by this unusual visitor. The scene is very short though, the time it takes to drink a coffee. Then, the two siblings leave as quickly as they arrived. Keanu Reeves stops a little farther way and Kim, fragile from her treatments, is able to take a few steps on her own. The star then sits in her wheelchair. An first attempt at an interview: "Do you speak French?" And our target quickly replies: "Oh no!" A moment later, Keanu Reeves refuses gently but firmly to be interviewed. We shake hands. "No thank you, no, thank you." he says with the touch of an accent. "It's very emotional", he adds, visibly affected by his sister's illness. He finally says: "It's private. It's a private matter." Then, the actor leaves.

An apartment in Montreux

Kim returns and seats herself in her wheelchair. Her brother then guides them both to the main exit. This will allow them too take a brief break in the fresh air. His sister is very properly dressed to guard her from the chilly air as her brother looks on after her, always by her side. A fast farewell, a last chance for us to get one last word from either of them. The movie star repeats always gently but ever so firmly, another "no, thank you". Another handshake. He enters the hospital again to bring his sister back to her room. Then he leaves the hospital area in a rented black Golf car.

It is impossible to know how long Kim will remain at the CHUV. "She is not even on our VIP list," informs us a receptionist of the establishment. When she is not getting treatments, she stays in an apartment in Montreux or thereabouts. It is there that Keanu Reeves stays each time he is able to get away from his movie responsabilities in order to be by his sister's side. In the past, the brother and sister have resided in de luxe hotels of the region: the Lausanne Palace, the Beau-Rivage Palace, the Montreux Palace among them. Today, Keanu continues to go to these palaces to eat and drink at the bar. In the hope of finding something near the CHUV, a reputed Cancer Centre, the international star has enlisted the help of a local property realtor to find him an apartment in the Lausanne region.

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