The Sun (UK), March 20, 2007

Heading for a crash ... snapper Alison took this pic of Keanu moments before being hit by car

Cops quiz Keanu on "hit and run"

Porsche whacks man

HOLLYWOOD hunk Keanu Reeves was handcuffed by cops after allegedly mowing down a photographer and trying to flee.

The Speed star, 42, struck the snapper with his black Porsche after performing a U-turn in the street, it was claimed last night.

Photographer Alison Silva, 27 said he feared he was going to DIE. The Brazilian added: “I have never had anybody going after me like this — like he wanted to kill me.”

He claimed the Matrix actor tried to leave the scene and only stopped his car when a bystander threatened to call cops. Silva said: “He was going away until he saw somebody had seen the whole thing.”

The pair clashed after Reeves visited a clinic in Torrance, California.

Alison was standing on a public road and took the bearded star’s picture when he jumped into his car.

He said from his hospital bed: “After I took his picture he was driving away from me. But then he turned round in a circle and drove straight at me.

“The car bonnet hit me in the knees. I was lying in the street. Keanu kept saying ‘Oh my God, what have I done’.”

Alison was treated for a broken wrist and other injuries.

Cops at first handcuffed Reeves but he was later released. A police spokesman said: “Mr Reeves said he was trying to pull away from the kerb. As he pulled away, the photographer called out ‘Ah, my knee’ and Mr Reeves pulled over.”

He said a decision on whether charges will be brought would be taken in a week.

A witness last night denied Reeves had done a U-turn before hitting Alison. The star’s agent refused to return calls.

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On the Pap with the Badly Grazed Knee


On the Pap with the Badly Grazed Knee , Speed

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