(Aus), May 15, 2007

Asia to host 'Point Break 2'

A Singaporean film company is making a sequel to "Point Break", the smash-hit 1991 movie about a gang of bank-robbing surfers that starred Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

RGM Entertainment will finance and executive produce "Point Break 2", which will be shot in South East Asia. The company is currently scouting locations in Singapore and Indonesia.

"Point Break 2" will focus on an ex-professional surfer who enlists in the US Navy and is recruited to track down a criminal gang. Audiences will also discover the fate of Swayze's character Bodhi, who was swallowed by a giant wave in the final scene of "Point Break".

The film marks the directorial debut of Peter Iliff, who wrote the original.

RGM is expected to announce the cast in the coming months.

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Point Break 2

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