Stern (Ge), May 16, 2007

Cannes Film Festival

(Translated from German)

Would you please jump into the air for us? Granted, this is somewhat a strange question to ask a Hollywood star. But the Italian photographer Alex Majoli, 36, was pleasantly surprised, that the famous models didn't ponder long about this question: without any circumstances did all the actors and directors jump into the air, except for a couple of smug French people. Even Keanu Reeves PR manager was disabused. She said, that the "Matrix" hero, who was, as it is usual with the American big names, escorted by a big entourage, would never ever do such a thing. Impossible! But Majoli didn't give up and first convinced Reeves' director buddy Richard Linklater to jump. After the arrival in the small studio, where awning and camouflage fences were set up, Linklater jumped for the camera and Reeves took a look at the print layouts from Bruce Willis and Halle Berry - and it was a done deal. "I want to do it" he said to his PR Manager. No, that wouldn't work. "I decide for myself." Hands into his pockets, jumps and "click".


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