TV Park (Russia), May 18, 2007

Throw Mom Out of the Train!

(Translated from Russian by Kiknadze Tatiana, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

by Elena Opryshko & Lydia Kuzmina

Stars once were children too. They smashed their knees; they dreamt about expensive toys for Christmas and felt hurt when their mom threw their favorite toy rabbit into the rubbish dump. Denny DeVito, the kindest soul, once got even for all his childhood injuries by drawing a “Throw Mom out of the Train” picture. It’s difficult to say whether the stars’ mothers deserve such a lot. But one can learn some lesson from their mistakes.

(snipped for Keanu)

Patricia Reeves’s Lightness of Existence

Keanu Reeves’s mother Patricia ran away from home to Paris at fifteen. In three years' time she was in exotic Beirut where she made her living by dancing. Here she found her husband – a geologist and drug-addict, half Polynesian, half Chinese Samuel Reeves. She gave him two children: a son, Keanu, and a daughter, Kim, and managed to travel around the globe. Life after the divorce found her in Australia. Then came NYC and Toronto where the unperturbed Mammy led an energetic life: Patricia fell in love, married (four times), and divorced. She earned good money as a costume designer.

She didn’t attend to her children, mostly; Keanu and Kim were left to their own devices. Their mother didn't worry about how they were dyslexic, often absent from school and bad pupils – she had her own life. “I didn’t raise my children, I just watched them grow,” she once confessed. We ought to say she didn’t hinder them, either. Her son left school and told his mother: “I want to be an actor” – “Whatever you like, dear”, she answered, smiling. (Still, she called up one of her exes asking him to support “her boy”.)

The children grew up. Kim hasn’t spoken with her mother for many years. But her star son Keanu is never tired of repeating how thankful he is for the freedom he has, thanks to his mother in his youth. He indulges all her whims: he has bought her a house in LA, pays all her bills and asks her to his premieres. Although he can’t choose “the right girl”, even can’t settle down in his own house and prefers to live in hotels.

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