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Keanu springs back into action in LA

Having gone unshaven for about a year in between film shoots, Keanu is back to his clean-cut good looks on the set of his new police thriller The Night Watchman

After starring in the hit romantic drama The Lakehouse opposite Sandra Bullock last year, it looks like Toronto-raised Keanu Reeves is back in action-man mode as he donned his police uniform on the Hollywood set of his new flick The Night Watchman. The actor, who famously starred as a heroic young cop in 1994's blockbuster hit Speed, has also ditched his unshaven look in favour of a smooth close-shave for the new thriller.

In the movie, which was penned by LA Confidential's James Ellroy, Keanu's character - veteran LAPD cop Tom Ludlow - is struggling to deal with the death of his wife. But when evidence implicates him in the death of another officer, he is forced into action and begins to question the loyalties of those around him. House star Hugh Laurie and Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker are also among the stellar cast-members.

The 42-year-old Matrix actor has also apparently turned down another opportunity to play an action hero in a film of a similar name entitled Watchmen. The comic book adaptation is set to begin filming in Vancouver in September and will star British hunk Jude Law and John Cusack. Keanu was rumoured to have been offered a leading role.

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