Holy Moly! (UK), August 15, 2007

Kevin Federline turns up for filming, isn't in the cast

Britney Spears must have been pissing herself silly when news broke of Kevin Federline's latest film faux pas.

Reports had been circulating that Fed-Ex was to appear opposite Keanu Reeves in 'The Night Watchman', even though his role was actually due to be something less than 'third idiot from right' in a packed scene.

Nevertheless, Federline turned up on set only to be met with blank faces and the odd snigger.

The film's producers had told Federline's agent several weeks before that his incredible acting talents would not be required. Unfortunately, though, the agent forgot to tell him - hell, it must be quite a struggle wading through all those job offers that pour in - and hence our Kev making a total idiot of himself.

Still, for all of Federline's fuck ups, he can at least take comfort in the knowledge that he'd have to go a long, long way to look as ridiculous as his ex-wife.

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