Hello! (UK), October 25, 2007

Romance may be back on the menu for 'The Matrix' star Keanu

The 43-year-old actor gave his mystery companion a kiss after they'd lunched together in the Big Apple. Keanu has had few serious relationships over the past six years.

He's romanced countless numbers of Hollywood beauties on the big screen, and now it seems Keanu Reeves may have found a new leading lady in his private life, too. The Toronto-raised star was spotted out with a female companion in New York, and if appearances are anything to go by, the pair could very well be more than just friends.

After they'd shared an a deux lunch together, the 43-year-old actor was spotted planing a tender kiss on his pretty blonde date. It was a rare public display of affection from the star, who is closely guarded about his private life and has had few serious relationships since his on-off girlfriend Jennifer Syme was killed in a 2001 car crash.

The hunky screen star, who's just finished lensing crime thriller The Night Watchmen in LA, once looked as though he'd never settle down. At one point he based himself in an LA hotel home and spent years on the road touring with his rock band Dogstar.


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