Sky (UK), October 26, 2007

Who's Keanu Smooching?

Keanu Reeves has been trying out something.

It's his moves on the ladies.

But how's that working out for him?

Well, he ain't crashing and burning, that's for sure.

Let's face it though, with B-E-Autiful chops like his it ain't any surprise that he's a hit with the chicks.

Yet it seems that he may have taken a shine to one missy in particular.

But we haven't got a scooby who she is - unlike Keanu, who seems to know her v well.

We may not be able to give you the skinny on his flirting target but we can show you what she looks like.

Check out the beautiful (if not slightly cringey exchange) between Keanu and his girly bud in our Keanu Reeves flirty gallery.

But of course, it could all be hugely platonic.



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