InTouch (Spain), October 2007

Keanu in love again

(Translated from Spanish by keanugirl76)

His personal history is marked by tragedy. Keanu Reeves lived through his girlfriend’s and child’s deaths, and he hasn’t had a stable relationship – continually suffering from love illusions – for many years. But now it seems that he has reached happiness again, and there’s a reason for it: an unknown blonde he went to lunch with at the restaurant “Pastis” in New York. Keanu must have still been hungry, since, when he came out, he was eating his girlfriend with something more than his eyes. Moreover, love is really good for him, since the actor is as cool as usual.

In its original Spanish:

Keanu vuelve a enamorarse

Su historia personal está marcada por la tragedia. Keanu Reeves ha vivido la muerte de su novia y su hijo, y lleva años sin mantener una relación estable y sufriendo continuos desengaños amorosos. Pero ahora parece que por fin ha recuperado la alegría, y hay una causa: una rubia desconocida con la que se fue a comer al restaurante Pastis de Nueva York. Keanu se debió quedar con hambre, pues a la salida devoraba a su chica con algo más que con los ojos. Además el amor le sienta genial, pues el actor está tan guapo como antes.


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