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Point Break 2 To Begin Filming Next Year

by Lucy

Back in the summer it was announced that Peter Iliff (Patriot Games) had signed on to write and direct a sequel to Point Break. It has now been announced that Point Break 2 will begin production in mid-2008 in Southeast Asia.

Iliff wrote the first movie, but the second film will see his directional debut with this $20-$30 million sequel.

Point Break 2 follows the story of an ex-pro surfer who enlists in the US Navy and is recruited to track down a criminal gang based in Southeast Asia. Patrick Swayzefs character Bodhi apparently didnft die in the giant wave at the end of the first film - is he behind the new criminal gang? Itfs unlikely that Keanu Reeves will be involved in the sequel.

It has been speculated that Point Break 2 was given the go ahead after Edgar Wrightfs recent Hot Fuzz made the film a big focal point. I suspect this maybe the case.

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