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Keanu Reeves Sued for Uncool Car Maneuver

by Natalie Finn

Keanu Reeves fights, and sometimes talks, in slow motion. It doesn't look as if he drives that way, though.

The paparazzo who was reportedly knocked down by The Matrix star's Porsche in March, presumably while he was trying to get a shot of the actor as he pulled out of a parking space, sued Reeves for negligence on Monday.

Brazilian shutterbug Alison Silva alleges in his lawsuit that Reeves' actions in the parking lot of a Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., clinic on Mar. 19 caused "serious injuries to body and severe shock and injuries to the nervous system and person, all of which injuries have caused and continue to cause Plaintiff great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering."

Silva also states that his vehicle was damaged, although police confirmed at the time that it was the photographer himself who was "grazed" by Reeve's car, a 1996 Porsche 911. There was no mention of another vehicle.

According to authorities, paramedics treated Silva at the scene and then transported him by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Reeves emerged from the run-in unscathed and no criminal charges were filed.

Because of said injuries, Silva claims, his earning capacity has been severely limited. He's seeking undisclosed damages.

Reeves, who in the driving world is mostly known for his solo motorcycle mishaps (he ruptured his spleen and fractured a few ribs in 1988), was last on the big screen in The Lake House, one of the sentimental projects he likes to sprinkle in among the sci-fi flicks.

Next up he plays a widowed LAPD detective who has to face off against the entire department when he's implicated in the death of a fellow officer in The Night Watchman, and he's attached to star in a remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, which already has a Dec. 12, 2008, release date.

Reeves will play the even-tempered, poker-faced alien visitor.

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