I'm Not Obsessed (US), December 24, 2007

Keanu Reeves Spends Time With His God-Daughter

Yeah! New Keanu Reeves pictures... I got my Christmas wish after all. I guess Santa missed the part where I said "shirtless" but that's ok. Beggars can't be choosy. :) Here he is with his red-haired friend, Belle (at least that's what her necklace says) god-daughter (thanks guys!!) going out to lunch, shopping and then finally talking about the industry (according to a source).

"Keanu was talking to his friend about film-making and acting," an eyewitness tells WENN. "The girl was asking him questions about acting and how he made it in the business. After their 90-minute stay at the Mall, Keanu loaded their shopping bags into the back seat of his black Porsche 911 Carrera and drove off."Keanu explained some aspects of his work to her. He talked about some of his experiences making movies, and he told her what he thought she should be doing now, to make it as an actress. "The young woman had a bound notebook beside her, like she'd been taking notes. He had her full attention. She hung on his every word as they sat there talking, for about 20 minutes. They were very relaxed and friendly with each other."





(2009-09-08 14:47:10)
 Isn't that Isabelle? The one he wrote the song about? I don't blame her, I'd hang on to his every word too, just to get to listen to him. I love the photos.
Anakin McFly
yep (2009-09-08 14:56:30)

Yeah, that's Isabelle. He babysits her now and then, more so when she was younger.
GuestIsabelle (2011-01-30 02:26:41)
 Who are Isabelle's parents?
Guest (2014-12-09 08:40:29)
 parent isabella divorced moher isabella she s brenda davis
Guest (2017-10-03 21:35:46)
 How old is Isabelle. Who us her father?

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