Crabbie's Hollywood (US), February 13, 2008

Keanu Reeves Subjects Diners To His Clammy, Disgusting Feet

Keanu Reeves gave diners at a restaurant in Vancouver an extra special treat recently - a whiff of his disgusting bare feet.

Mike Walker writes in the National Enquirer:

Dining solo at a ritzy Vancouver restaurant, sleepy-eyed Keanu Reeves - slurping down oysters on the half shell with red wine - looked more homeless than hunky when he suddenly kicked off his scuffed shoes, pulled off his holey socks - then stretched and flexed his hairy toes as horrified diners gagged! After a few phee-eww moments, a man sitting nearby jumped up and said: “I don’t care who you are - this is totally unacceptable behavior. I’ve paid a lot of money to eat here, and my wife and I don’t want to look at your bare feet!” Keanu apologized, saying he had cramps in his toes and needed to stretch them. “If you don’t put your shoes back on, I’ll call the manager,” snapped the guy. Keanu nodded, slipping on his stuff as he motioned for the check.

Personally, I'm shocked Keanu even had shoes and socks to take off. Cause normally he looks like some guy who got dumped naked off the back of a truck someplace and has no idea where he is. He probably steals his duds off people's clotheslines. The shoes were probably setting on someone's porch cause they were all muddy and Keanu said, "Cool, foot-covering thingies," and made off with them. He also bathes and does his laundry by walking through car washes...just something I heard.




Makes you wonder... (2009-10-09 00:18:27)
 I think Our Man has been eating out for so many years that he's starting to look upon restaurants as his own living quarters. He takes his shoes/socks off and wiggle his smelly toes, he sleeps in restaurant booths and on the ground at streetside cafés, and that's just what we've picked up with the kind help of the ever watchful and attentive tabloid press. What else may The Awsome Anu have done? Has he walked into the kitchen to sample the food? Does he go down into the wine cellar and pick his own wine? Maybe he even stores his own wine in his favourite restaurants? I bet he's even carved his name into the tabletops of his fave eateries: "Keanu Was Here Before Kilroy!".
The problem is.. (2009-10-10 21:01:44)
 ..that we only see the interpretation the tabloids have given us to go with the pics - not being there to see the context of the situation we actually have no idea of whether it's the 'spin' they put on it or something entirely different, that would make perfect sense if we knew :).

And I have taken my shoes off in public places frequently, but then I am a barefooter by choice whenever opportunity rises ;).

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