IESB (US), March 22, 2008

No More Hellblazing For Keanu?

IESB spoke with Keanu Reeves today at the Street Kings junket where he revealed that a second Constantine was probably not going to ever happen.

Just a few months back, director Francis Lawrence mentioned the possibility of a sequel but said that it all depended on a script. Reeves was decidedly less optimistic and said that despite planning it at one time, a second go-round as John Constantine wasn't something he'd be interested in doing anymore.

The film, of course, was based on Vertigo comics longest running series, Hellblazer. With roughly 200 issues and still counting, there's plenty of story to fuel a franchise. It sounds like it's more an issue of not wanting to retread the same water. Reeves also mentioned that there are no characters left that he's played that he has any desire to return to, killing all our hopes for middle-aged Bill and Ted.

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GuestHellblazer (2010-10-20 14:15:22)
 ! My oldest son, (27) and I are huge fans of this particular movie. I haven't read the comics, but I have always been sensitive to the layer of heaven over hell that comprises reality, and I adored the movie. I wish oh I wish for a second film. Also, Rachel Weisz was mesmerizing. And the sets and the costumes. Once again, I wish........

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