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Keanu, Chris, Forest: Tough Guys Gather for “Street Kings” Premiere

As the lead actors in the new film "Street Kings" gathered at Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, you'd never know that onscreen Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans, and Forest Whitaker play the roughest, toughest LAPD cops that have graced the silver screen since "Training Day." No, those tough exteriors in the film were nowhere to be seen; even Keanu, who is notorious for his stone-faced red carpet walks, loosened up and joined his screaming fans for some impromptu candid photos.

Perhaps the three "Street Kings" stars and their fellow actors from the film at the premiere, Naomie Harris, Terry Crews and Martha Higareda, were so cheerful because of the positive early reviews coming in for the movie, which opens on April 11. Their happiness spilled over to the assorted friends and colleagues who attended the premiere, including a very pregnant Minnie Driver, Elise Neal, Kristin Callavari, Rick Schroder, Sarah Carter and LisaRaye.

As Keanu Reeves told reporters at an earlier press conference for the gritty, violent flick, he was very glad to play an alcoholic, loose cannon police detective in "Street Kings." It was exactly what the 43-year-old actor needed to follow up his last offering, 2006's romance "The Lake House."

"It was a great role and I really liked the story and I guess it was kind of fun," Reeves said. "It was fun to be pushed to a place that I don't normally live in. I guess David (Ayer, the film's director) called me a hippie. The director's calling me a hippie and I get to kill eight people. So that's a good role to play!"

Reeves, whose more than 20-year acting career has included some of Hollywood's most successful films (from "The Matrix" to "Speed" to "Something's Gotta Give"), revealed that no matter how many times he experiences the release of a new project, he is always a bit on edge on opening day.

"To enter any project that you work on, you hope to realize the role, to realize the film, and at the end of the day you have your personal journey and you have the work that you were a part of," he pondered. "I'm nervous about the film opening because you want people to like it and you want to see what it's going to be. That's what you hope for."

He'll have to wait until next week to see exactly what audiences think of his latest film, which also co-stars Hugh Laurie, Jay Mohr, Cedric the Entertainer, John Corbett, and rappers Common and The Game. As Reeves tells it, however, he is actually already content with his experience on "Street Kings," no matter what happens at the box office.

"I'm just hoping to be able to work in different genres and play different roles. I think that we all hope to do different kinds of work and be challenged and stretched and hopefully to explore all that we can do as artists."

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