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Keanu Gives Crudup A 'Watchmen' Blessing For Dr. Manhattan

by Larry Carroll

According to my trusty "The End is Nigh" promotional desktop clock, there are 331 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes and 24 seconds until the "Watchmen" release as I write this. And still, it's hard for me not to imagine Keanu Reeves as Dr. Manhattan.

"I'm sure Billy's gonna change that," grinned the "Street Kings" star when I interviewed him recently. Quite frankly, Reeves is right: His friend Billy Crudup looked pretty amazing on the film's set, and he seems to be making the most of the iconic, stoic superhero role that Reeves wanted to play but had to turn down.

"How cool did that look?" Reeves asked me once we both realized that we're one of a handful of people who've witnessed Crudup in the insane, green-screen costuming necessary to create Zack Snyder's nuclear-powered, God like movie character.

"We were filming in Vancouver with ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still' when they were filming ‘Watchmen' out there, so I went over there to visit the set, and that just looks amazing," Reeves said of Crudup. "They were trying to make the blue transfer, and the color illuminate. They were doing part of the Vietnam sequence when I was there. You know, when he's almost like a God, and then he's kneeling down. Remember that sequence?"

Remember it? Anyone who has read Alan Moore's classic graphic novel could never forget the moment when an enormous Dr. Manhattan wins the Vietnam war for our troops singlehandedly, drastically rewriting American history. In fact, when Snyder first began talking about the highly-anticipated flick, it was the one scene he said he couldn't wait to shoot.

"It's a great role, and he's gonna knock it out of the park," the longtime "Watchmen" fan insisted, giving Crudup his blessing. "I met with the director a few times and he's got it all under control…I can't wait to see that movie."

Keanu, Crudup, or someone entirely different? Who do you think would've made the perfect Dr. Manhattan?


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