Moviehole (US), April 17, 2008

David Fincher to helm Keanu's Chef flick?

by Clint Morris

What’s next for Keanu Reeves? Well, it ain’t a “Street Kings” prequel, that’s for sure – not after the dire performance of the first film at the U.S Box Office (“Prom Night” made twice as much as it.) Instead, it’ll likely be something Canoe, er, Keanu, is developing himself.

The “Bill &Ted” star tells today’s HIT that he’s developing several projects – one with David Fincher.

The Fincher film is about a Chef. “I’ve just been trying to create my own work and the chef film Davis Fincher’s taking a look at, so that’s pretty exciting”.

Reeves is also developing “Passengers”, which he describes as “A cosmic love story” one that he’s “talking to Roger Michell” about doing.

The 43-year-old is also working on something called “Henry’s Crime”.

“That’s by a writer called Sacha Garvasi, who did The Terminal. We’ve been working with him for a couple of years”.

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