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Keanu "Beats" Rapper The Game With Phone Book In Film Shoot

Keanu trained with police officers for his role in 'Street Kings', and was shown how to use the book as a weapon to extract information from suspects.

He said: "This real cop gave me some phone book techniques. So I took the phone book and hit The Game around the head with it."

Keanu was originally told to use a fake book for the scene where he is trying to get The Game's character to talk - but the rapper-turned-actor forced him to use a real one because he didn't "believe him."

Keanu added: "For me to get this information out of him, I had to convince him. So I hit him with a fake phone book. But he said, 'This isn't working. I don't believe you. Use the real phone book.'

"So I took the real phone book and hit him around the head. And The Game said, 'OK, I'm good.' He was right."

In 'Street Kings', Keanu plays Tom Ludlow a veteran LAPD police officer who is implicated in his ex-partner's murder and realizes he can't trust anyone as he attempts to find the real killer.

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