(US), April 23, 2008

Keanu knows Tai Chi?

Since he left the Matrix, Keanu Reeves hasn't utilized much of the martial arts skills he picked up during his time as The One -- is he feeling the itch to throw a few more palm strikes and crane kicks?

Word is that Reeves is keen on reuniting with his MATRIX kung fu coordinator, the legendary master Yuen Wo Ping, for a project tentatively titled TAI CHI TIGER. Keanu won't be our savior this time though -- apparently he wants to play the villain.

So who's our hero? An up-and-coming kicker named Tiger Chen, who may end up directing the flick as well -- the project is still in the planning stages, but Wo Ping would only be handling the flying fists and feet if he's involved. Reeves is currently being a bit more pacifistic in the remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.

Extra Tidbit: Reeves and Val Kilmer have swapped roles -- JOHNNY MNEMONIC was originally a Kilmer project, while Keanu was attached to play Chris in HEAT. One made out better on that deal...

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