Cinema Blend (US), April 24, 2008

Keanu Reeves Wants More Kung Fu

by Josh Tyler

Could Keanu Reeves be ready to return to doing martial arts? That’s the word in an interesting little tidbit picked up by JoBlo from a site called

They caught up with Keanu Reeves in Korea, where he revealed that he’s been talking to Matrix stunt choreographer Yuen Wo Ping about doing a new kung fu movie. The film is called Tai Chi Tiger, and Keanu would be the villain. A guy named Tiger Chen Hu would star as the movie’s hero, a Tai Chi master. Tiger Chen, who did some stunt work on The Matrix, would direct too. This is apparently only one of two projects Reeves has been talking about doing with Yuen Wo Ping.

While I’m not entirely sure we need a movie about two guys fighting using the calisthenics old people do in the park, getting back into the martial arts world would seem like a good move for Keanu. He hasn’t exactly had a lot of hits since he got out of the Matrix. People want to see him doing slow motion karate chops, anything else seems second rate.

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