MTV (US), July 24, 2008

BREAKING: Keanu Reeves Is NOT Plastic Man

by Josh Horowitz

It's been just a day after we finished telling you about our exclusive information about "Plastic Man," and now we can put to rest the rumor that's been spreading like wildfire for a week. Keanu Reeves just told me that while he's itching to work with the Wachowskis again, it will not be in "Plastic Man."

When I asked him point blank if it's true that he will be donning the famed goggles of Plastic Man in an upcoming flick helmed by the creators of "The Matrix," Reeves said [it's] not true for me." In fact it was pretty clear that Reeves had never even heard the rumor.

"It might be true for other people but I haven't heard anything about it," Reeves said while chatting with MTV alongside his "The Day The Earth Stood Still" co-star Jennifer Connelly.

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