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Pap vs. Keanu Reeves -- Let The Trial Begin!

A "paparazzo" is suing Keanu Reeves for allegedly running over his foot as he tried to snap some pix of the star back in March last year -- and the case is finally going to (a jury) trial today.

And X17 will be able to give you a first-hand account of what happens later this week because WE HAVE BEEN CALLED TO TESTIFY on Wednesday!!!

NOOOOO, the pap didn't work for X17 and he never has, contrary to his claims. He told the court he lost income when he was injured by

Reeves when the actor allegedly drove his Porsche over his foot. NOT TRUE!

We have never worked with the photog/paparazzo/photojournalist Alison Silva and in fact, he SUED US TOO!!!! The case was recently thrown out and Silva still owes us attorney's fees ... so WHY would he claim to have worked for us? ... Our only answer is simply that the guy has a few loose screws ...

For the record, Keanu claims he heard Alison say he accidentally tripped over himself while he was shooting and that there was no "rolling over of the foot" at all.

I can tell you whose story we believe! -- I'd say the sexy actor will beat out the weird pap, in this case!

Interestingly, Silva's attorney petitioned the court for his client to be named a "photojournalist" in this case, rather than a "paparazzo," because of the prejudice a jury may have toward a celebrity photographer. Do you?

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On the Pap With the Badly Grazed Knee


On the Pap With the Badly Grazed Knee

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