x17online (US), October 29, 2008

Keanu v. Pap Trial Winds Down For The Day, Will Reconvene Tomorrow

A tired courthouse wound down at the end of Day #3 in the Pap v. Keanu trial in which a photog accuses the actor of running into him last March, as he was trying to snap some pix.

Keanu's people have 6 - 7 more witnesses and Alison Silva, the pap, wants to bring in one more person to testify. The judge said testimony could finish before noon on Friday, then closing arguments would occur after lunch, and if the jury's quick, we could have a decision before the weekend.

The only post-lunch development was that yet another witness -- a paid medical "expert" hired by the plaintiff (the pap) contradicted his own client's story! Dr. Steven Bouman said when he gave Silva a check-up and took down his story, Silva told him Reeves jumped the curb with his car before he struck Silva. In most other testimonies -- in his courtroom testimony, to the emergency room doctors, EMT, and others -- Silva said he was laid out in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Might have been a good idea to pay a witness who'd corroborate your story, dude!

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On the Pap with the Badly Grazed Knee


On the Pap with the Badly Grazed Knee

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