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Pap Takes The Stand, Fuzzy On Details

The pap suing Keanu Reeves for allegedly hitting him with his car has been blabbing a bunch of nonsense on the stand today in this frivolous lawsuit.

Alison Silva, who had worked as a pap (and yes, he called himself a pap on the stand, despite his attorney's wishes for his client to use the term photojournalist) for only six month prior to the time of the alleged incident, has apparently paid NONE of his medical bills for the injuries he claims he sustained during this figment of his imagination alleged incident.

The rundown looks like this ... UCLA - $11,800; MRI bill - $3547; various X-rays - $8709.

An X17 reporter inside the courtroom described Silva as "very relaxed but somewhat argumentative when dealing with Reeves' lawyers."

At one point, Silva was cocky enough to take a marker and write on an enlarged photo of the scene of the alleged incident, which was an exhibit in the case -- the judge said, "Everyone is getting out of control." -- Silva was supposed to POINT to the location in the photo where he claims the alleged incident occurred, not permanently mark up an exhibit. Silva complained that the prosecution's photo "wasn't such a good photo."

Being a photographic expert, it turns out Silva is also a legal expert! He claimed on the stand this morning that he studied law for two and a half years in his native Brazil!

But if that's true, I'm pretty sure that even in Brazilian law schools, they teach their students NOT to change their stories ... and Silva's definitely not following that basic Law 101 tenant.

Reeves' attorney grilled Silva about the varying stories he gave to different people the day of the alleged incident. Silva apparently told an emergency room doctor that he had lost consciousness because of the incident, but EMTs who responded to the scene said Silva was alert and conscious the entire time. The pap at one time claimed he was 12 feet away from Reeves' car before the incident and this morning on the stand, said he was only 4 - 5 feet away. Silva also claimed he sustained a hand injury in the alleged incident but at one point told emergency room doctors his hand was injured playing soccer in Brazil when he was 12 years-old. Get your story straight, dude! Silva explains it all away by saying it's the language barrier that confuses him.

Keanu has been in the courtroom all morning, but has not taken the stand (he did so yesterday). Our X17 reporter says Reeves looks "tired and visibly frustrated by the defense." No joke!

We can only hope this waste of taxpayers money wraps up today. Fortunately we were told yesterday, by the prosecution, that we didn't need to appear in court today. I don't wanna waste my time on this junk!

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On the Pap with the Badly Grazed Knee


On the Pap with the Badly Grazed Knee

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