KP (Russia), November 23, 2008

Keanu Reeves Discusses the Role of Anton Gorodetsky in Moscow?

The well-known actor meets with the producer of Night Watch

Keanu Reeves showed up in the capital (Moscow) on Saturday evening. The Matrix star came out of a private plane and in the manner of better Hollywood action movies, surrounded by bodyguards and in five shiny Mercedes cars, the dear guest was taken straight to the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

As we know, Keanu had an unfortunate experience with a photographer (last March an aggressive photographer fell under his car), so he strictly ordered the bodyguards to guard him against paparazzi.

Leaving the photogs empty-handed, they avoided the red carpet and suggested taking the star to the Presidential Suite through the garage.

In the evening, Keanu Reeves preferred to stay in the hotel. Around noon the next day, the actor decided to walk in the Kremlin (museum) surrounded with his entourage and bodyguards, having previously bought the ticket like any other person – to tease the strict security guards! Clad in a grey overcoat and with a warm scarf, the scruffy star went practically unrecognised by passers-by. And then, as if wanting to demonstrate an extraordinary resilience to the harsh weather, Keanu walked in Kremlin (Square) in his jacket – without the overcoat.

After the stroll, Keanu returned to the hotel. He literally had half an hour for lunch and then, due to the busy schedule, he was whisked off to continue the promotion. This time, he was expected at the closed screening at the Oktober theatre. At the theatre entrance, Dzanik Faizev, the producer of The Admiral and Night Watch films, met Keanu with a warm embrace. Treating him like a close friend (or relative), the producer led Keanu into the specially equipped hall to watch the film The Day the Earth Stood Still. It would be interesting to know what the Russian producer and the Hollywood actor discussed so vividly. As we have heard, there is a possibility that Keanu is considered for the role of Anton Gordetsky in the American version of Night Watch.


Sergei Lukianenko, the author of the novel:

“As far as I know, Komsomolka informed the author (who?) of Night Watch that the talks on the Hollywood version of the film are in progress. I’m glad Dzanik met with Reeves. Yet, it’s early to talk about the outcome of the talks. The whole process requires more meetings. But I would be so very glad to see such a prominent actor as Keanu Reeves in the role of Anton Gorodetsky!”


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