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Five Possibilities For The Plot Of Fincher’s Chef

David Fincher to direct Keanu Reeves in a film called Chef? It’s the least fact-filled bit of news ever but that won’t stop us from telling you all about it. Without a shred of actual information to go on, we bring you five possible scenarios, one of which will almost certainly form the basis for Reeves and Fincher’s collaboration. Probably.

Chef: The Gordon Ramsay Story

Reeves plays the irascible culinary king in a story loosely based on Ramsay’s autobiography. The film sees Reeves drop his trademark surfer slur for fiery, expletive-ridden diatribes as the son of a swimming pool manager who goes on to become one of the most famous kitchenistas in the world. What the Hell’s Kitchen viewers don’t know, however, is that the pastry chef is undercover for the FBI, tracking a gang of ruthless bank robbers, headed by Ramsey, who left pastry traces at the scene of their last job. There’s a rat in this kitchen, what is he gonna do?

Murder At Little Chef

Reeves is the crown jewel of the South Mimms Little Chef, placing the roadside eatery on the map with his assortment of chicken tikka wraps and breaded goujon dippers. One day, however, Cheryl from the sweet counter is found brutally murdered – garrotted by three feet of strawberry liquorice. What follows is a tense cat-and-mouse game as an unknown assailant embarks on a spree of grisly, confectionary-orientated killings, sending cryptic symbols to the police after each body drops. Reeves must solve the crime and catch the killer before time runs out and the whole establishment gets turned into a Happy Eater.

Chef Reloaded: There Is No Spoon

Reeves plays Arthur "Uno" Anderson, an obsessive cook who has spent his entire life striving to master the perfect sautéed chicken. But just as he approaches his goal, a mysterious visitor tells him that his entire quest has been a lie, and that the kitchen where he works is nothing more than an artificial simulation constructed by malevolent machines. With nothing to work with but a gruel-like protein mix, Uno flies into a rage and, backed up by his faithful pastry chef, Threesome, sets out to bring down the machines and free humanity from their thrall.

Under Siege 3: Chef On The Edge

Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Casey Ryback, Reeves plays Jake Risotto, a former Delta Force commando now whipping up soufflés in a swanky Manhattan eatery. When Iranian terrorists attempt to steal some of his Michelin stars in order to make a nuclear bomb, Risotto must call on his special forces training to stop the terrorists and save the day. Armed only with a peeler, some Tupperware and a bent potato masher, our hero ultimately takes the fight to Tehran, paving the way for Under Siege 4: Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Firefight and Under Siege 5: Turn To Low And Simmer… Until Dead!


The long-awaited big screen adaptation of Lenny Henry’s BBC comedy sees Reeves as Gareth Blackstock, the most abusive Chef in England. When the Prime Minister chooses Le Chateau Anglais as the venue for his anniversary party, Gareth must pull out the stops to ensure everything goes to plan. Unfortunately, his inept assistant Everton has recruited a number of new waiters from an underground fighting ring. After being caught urinating in the veal stew, Everton leads the others in a bid to end capitalism by blowing up the restaurant in the middle of the fish course.

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