BAMBI Awards 2008 (Ge), November 27, 2008

BAMBI Awards 2008 - Best International Actor

(Transcripted and translated from German by Fiercelyred)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My heart is beating wildly, and that is completely his doing. Because I’m about to meet a man – how should you describe this man? (shakes head incredulously. Camera pans over to K).

What constitutes a really great actor? How does he use his gestures, his mimicry, the way he speaks? What is his secret? (Presenter presses her hands against her bosom) With you, dear Keanu Reeves, I especially wonder how you are able to create this magic. This mysterious attraction that you are famous for. (K smiles a little, gives a hand kiss).

2006, The Lake House, I was so touched by your performance in that film. Or Speed, where I fell in love with the hero who saves the day, played by you. And of course The Matrix, an undisputed milestone in the history of cinema. It is fascinating how you manage to disappear completely into your character time and time again. But what really, really impresses me, is how you do not seek the spotlight, how you don’t act like the big movie star (presenter smiles shyly at K), but always let the acting speak for itself. That makes you a really great actor, and an example.

(An overview of K’s movies is shown, the voice over says): “Keanu Reeves. His name means Cool breeze over the mountains in Hawaiian. His breakthrough role in Hollywood was Speed, and since then he has evolved into an acting tornado (360 angle shot from Constantine with fire shown) without equal. Whether action star or sexy heartthrob, the exceptional actor holds his own in every part he plays. His biggest success, The Matrix, catapulted him at once into the first ranks of Hollywood. Anxiously awaited: his newest action hit. In The Day The Earth Stood Still he plays an extraterrestrial. Unbeatably multi-faceted, Keanu Reeves gives all his roles a mysterious aura with his exotic charisma. The Bambi 2008 in the category international actor (Keanu gets up) goes to…Keanu Reeves!”

Keanu reaches the stage, is handed the Bambi and kisses the presenter, saying “thank you very much” to her. She manages to say “very nice to meet you”. The audience gives a standing ovation, camera pans to a broadly smiling Meg Ryan.

Keanu: “Good evening, good evening, thank you very much, thank you, thank you to you, thank you, (as applause continues), please. Okay. Thank you, thank you. (applause still holds). Umm, thank you, please, take a seat. (K now smiling) Please.

“I would just like to say – thank you for that, thank you. It’s an honour for me to be here tonight, in this room, in the company of so many remarkable people. Really. And to be a part of this, the sixtieth birthday of the Bambi awards. To bestow this honour to me, will also honour all the actresses, actors, directors, lighters, producers, craftspeople, artisans that I’ve worked with. So on behalf of myself and everyone I’ve ever worked with: thank you very much. Thank you very much.”

Keanu walks off stage under more applause.


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