All Headline News (US), December 4, 2008

Keanu Reeves Splurges On An Exclusive Indian Restaurant With His Friends

by Anne Lu

London, England (BANG) - Keanu Reeves splashed out $1,700 when he treated his friends to a feast of Indian food on Tuesday night. The "Speed" star - whose new movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" will be released next week - took five of his closest pals to exclusive London restaurant Tamarind, where they racked up the enormous tab.

The group managed to eat 17 starters - including lamb, chicken, aloo tikka, salads and scallops - before continuing to the second course to enjoy a selection of spicy dishes such as lobster karikudi, murgh makhni, malai tikka and saag paneer.

Keanu, 44, and his friends washed their meal down with a bottle of $138 Chassagne Montrachet and a $130 bottle of Tour Du Pin Figeac wine, as well as beer, vodka, whiskey and seven glasses of Diet Coke.

A source said: "He must love his Indian food! He and his pals virtually went through the menu."

They finished their meal with six generous servings of traditional Indian coconut ice-cream.

While Keanu's group's bill came to 833.29 pounds [$1,200], he was forced to pick up the $300 tab for his three bodyguards, who sat on a separate table nearby.

When the tip was added to the final bill, it came to $1,700.


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