National Post (Ca), December 15, 2008

Constantine 2 more likely now for box office number one Keanu Reeves

by Bob Thompson

Perhaps, the Constantine money men will re-think what Keanu Reeves is worth now that Reeves' The Day Earth Stood Still hit the top of the box office charts over the weekend.

The update of the classic 1951 sci-fi film scooped up US $31 million relegating the more seasonal Four Christmases to second place after that romantic comedy featuring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon led the way two weeks in a row.

Despite negative reviews and the always-carping-at-Reeves stiffness, the sci-fi flick headlining the Toronto actor as alien Klaatu scored with teenagers and young adults in North America. The movie is expected to have a strong second weekend, too. Internationally, The Day The Earth Stood Still has already managed another $40 million and is expected to continue strongly. It cost under $100 million, so it should be a winner all round.

Back to Constantine 2. As Reeves mentioned in a recent interview, he's up for it. But so far, his demands of $15-million plus big points have left the the sequel makers hesitant. The Day The Earth Stood Still box office should move along negotiations or maybe the project might be moved along to folks who have more faith in Reeves.

As it is, The Matrix man has some Constantine 2 leverage he didn't have before after he had signed up for a series of artsy films that fizzled at the box office and faded from view over the last few years.

Meanwhile, two other former Reeves vehicles have had re-make talk, too. Surprisingly, the actor isn't rejecting either possibility, although his return to a Speed picture is more likely than Reeves returning as the 'whoa dude' in another Bill & Ted adventure.

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