(US), December 17, 2008

Keanu Reeves Confirms Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Involvement

by Alex Billington

We first reported a rumor way back in July that Keanu Reeves was cast as Spike Spiegel in an in-development Cowboy Bebop live-action adaptation. Not much has been mentioned about it since then, however, MTV talked with Reeves recently and finally got confirmation on his involvement - "we're trying to do that," Reeves said. As originally reported, Fox producer Erwin Stoff is developing the project and an unannounced writer is working on the screenplay. In addition to confirming his involvement, Reeves shared some early details on the project, including ideas for the story that they're hoping to put together. "It's so episodic and so disconnected - we're trying to figure out what pieces to put together to tell one story."

Reeves says of his appreciation for groundbreaking anime series: "It's got a western quality, a western film noir aspect to it. It's got so much style to it, and that's part of its appeal. That kind of Old West, bordertown, low-tech science fiction aspect." As for adapting it, Reeves admits it will be a challenge, but adds that "that's why you want to do it." As for the style that he mentioned, Reeves says that this project "would be a production designer’s dream - I think you just need a good production designer." I couldn't agree more, but obviously it all starts with the director and as far as we know, they haven't found one yet.

"Because it's such a short form, to make a 2 hour version [will be tough]. And it's got so much of an origin-story obligation; you've got to get people up to speed, but you don't want to do much of that. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, but we think we can do something good." I know fans of the series are already very skeptical, considering our first article on Reeves racked up some 118 comments, most of them complaining about Hollywood ruining great anime and Reeves' attachment. However, based on Reeves' statements here, I've got a feeling that this isn't going to turn out as bad as Dragonball Evolution in the end. They just need to find the right director first and maybe that will relieve everyone's fears.

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