Time Out (Russia), December 2008

(Translated from Russian by senio rita of Club-Keanu, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

When your character Klaatu first appears on the Earth, he says that his human body seems to be unreal.
Yes. For the first time there's something which he simply does not understand how to deal with. He can't get used to it in any way.

And you, who played Prince Siddhartha and Johnny Mnemonic with a hard disk in his head, Neo and John Constantine, what do you think about your own body... is it real to you?
(Laughs) Well... Sometimes there is such a strange feeling, like as though you are placed in it, and it's not you, as if I live in Keanu Reeves' body.

I see your films made about 20 years ago and you haven't changed much, though you have a beard.
I haven't changed much? Really?!
Yes, yes. Maybe you have a special diet?
No, I don't. I don't know, maybe it's just heredity - from my grandmother and grandfather.
So, well... maybe you don't eat sweet stuff? Do you love sweets?
Yes! Well I can't say I'm a huge cakes fan, but I love chocolate... love it.

Tell me why in the film the person Klaatu was cloned from has a beard while Klaatu is clean shaven?
Because it's a movie... or do you want me to answer from a modern science point of view?
But you've got your own answer, haven't you?
Well, it's a question of aesthetics. I did not ask myself: "Why does Klaatu not have a beard, was he shaved?" We decided that there'd be hair on his head, but there'd be none on his face, because without a beard he looks more... more...
More alien?
You know , the first TDTESS was not shown in Russia, but at that time when we were children, we were afraid of nuclear war so much, but it was an anti-war film. Were you afraid of nuclear war when you were a child?
Sure, I was, but I lived in Canada... maybe that's why I was not as scared as you were here.

In the short story, as far as I know, in the ending it was found out that the huge robot Gort which arrived together with Klaatu, is a main character, but from the new film it is not quite clear who is first - Klaatu or Gort?
(Laughs) I remember - I'm am a boss! But Gort can sometimes make his own decisions.
What does it mean - 'Klaatu barada nikto'? You are an alien , you must know!
My interpretation is "stop", it's not deactivation, it's like "a pause - like, "Relax, dude."
Well the last question. I have read in Variety that the sequel of "Point Break" is now in production. Is that true?
I've heard about it. As far as I know the sequel is not about my character, but about Bodhi who was played by Patrick Swayze.
Did you really do surfing and sky-diving in the film?
No I didn't do sky-diving, but Patrick did!

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