BANG (UK), January 9, 2009

Sandra Bullock reportedly to star in third film in 'Speed' franchise

Producers are planning to approach the 44-year-old actress - who shot to fame starring alongside Keanu Reeves in the 1994 action movie - to appear in a follow-up, despite the failure of the original sequel 'Speed 2: Cruise Control'.

A source said: "Producers are looking at a lot of old franchises in order to secure box office hits and 'Speed' is just one of those. Sandra is still a popular star and another 'Speed' movie is there for her should she want to do it. It would be a modern twist on the old theme."

Keanu - who turned down the opportunity to star in the 1997 sequel and was replaced by Jason Patric - recently spoke about the possibility in starring in another movie in the high-octane franchise.

He said: "Never say never, right? Sandra and I could probably do something pretty groovy with that."

"Maybe if we were travelling through Europe, maybe on the Serengeti, and there was some kind of mishap."

"It could be like a world tour. Or maybe we could go to Polynesia and then take us all across the world."

"Maybe if we shot for like four months and we have like a week off in every country, telling this kind of adventurous story for this couple."

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